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We know how stressful the life of a good veterinarian can be. You care so much for your patients, and when a treatment plan doesn't go to plan, or you are limited by access to resources - it affects you! We have been there. We have laid awake at night wondering, "Did I miss something?" "Could I have done something more?" 

In some areas, access to a specialist referral service is readily available. For some though, referral just isn't an option - either due to lack of services, or a reluctance from the client (or even practice management..).

This is where Intelevet comes in. Our team of specialists - recognised experts in their fields - are here to provide that extra support when you need it - like having your own personal team of specialists by your side! Sometimes all you need is confirmation that you are on the right track. Other times our specialists may be able to steer you in a new direction, or provide instructions on how to perform diagnostic tests you have never done before.

Whatever the case, whatever the question, Intelevet specialists can help.
We know there is no "one-size-fits-all" in veterinary medicine, so we offer three simple consultation options:
Resource or Review
Anaesthetic plans, haematology or biochemistry review, phone call consults (<10mins, verbal report only)
Standard Consultation
Comprehensive patient history review, with diagnostic plan and treatment protocols. Can be written or phone consultation. Includes two follow-ups.
Extended Consultation
As with the standard consultation, but if video-conferencing or client-based communication is required. Includes two follow-ups.

Our Simple Consultation Process

You have a patient that just isn't following the textbook. You gather up the information you have (hx, path reports, images, etc.) and submit them using our super-simple online case submission form.

If this is your first submission, an online portal will be created for your practice. Learn more about your portal here.

Your submission is received by our admin team, who direct it to the appropriate specialist. Some cases will require input from multiple specialists - that's 'A OK!' We will make sure you get the input you need.

Depending on the complexity and level of urgency of your case, you will receive your initial report within approximately 24 hours (weekdays). Alternatively, if you have selected a phone or video-call, we will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for that to take place. Two follow-ups are included for standard and extended consultations. These can be initiated at any time through your practice portal.

End result: You come away with a diagnostic and treatment plan, a better understanding of the pathology at play, are able to provide top-level care to your patient, and your client sees you as a hero.

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